I assist businesses deal with any HR related or management issue. This may include implementing strategies or dealing with change, management coaching, communication and process improvement, recruitment, retention, performance management and outplacement services.

These are some areas I can help with managing your business:

Business Direction and Strategy

I will help you to create a strategy for your business and implement an HR infrastructure to compliment your business direction whether you are a start-up growing or downsizing or managing change. I can act as an external sounding board to brainstorm ideas and provide you with insights into the people dynamics and potential outcomes. Also help with the implementation of strategies, infrastructure and processes.

Management Coaching

I coach business owners, managers and their staff to work through any management related issue so that everyone is aware of the company’s vision and objectives. I ensure that there is clear communication and leadership and assist managers with improving and developing any management skills they are lacking such as managing staff, effective communication, delegation, conflict resolution, building teams and relationships and managing changes.


I can take on any of the recruitment process you may need help with either an advertised or targeted search. I will tailor my time and fees to meet your recruitment needs and take on any specific function you prefer this may include finding out who would be the best person for the role and your business, develop a job description, screen candidates, interview, reference check, review employment contracts, negotiate and encourage the best talent to come on board.

Performance Management 

It is important to make any performance management processes clear, effective and achievable. Your staff need to understand what management is expecting from them and where their careers are heading. I can help develop useful job descriptions with clear accountabilities, performance management and career development plans, including training and development options.  If managers need assistance in delivering the process I can also coach and train them through it.


Provide you with an assessment about how your staff feel about working in your company and provide you with insight to any problems and suggestions for improvement. Where necessary assist with implementing any systems and processes to improve communication, management and team spirit. Also get some suggestions and ideas of what your staff would like and ways to improve their working conditions and environment.

When Losing Staff

Sooner or later you are going to lose staff and how you manage this is important. You need to have the right systems and processes in place so that you don’t lose their knowledge and relationships as well. I can help you implement preventative measures to ensure that your managers and other team members are kept up to speed about the team’s roles and responsibilities and that there is cross training, multi skilling and succession planning.

Retrenchment and Outplacement

This is a very difficult time for you and your company and it can be made easier by having an outsider to help you to provide a fair and cost effective retrenchment package and to deliver it in the best possible way. I will consult with you and your managers to develop the retrenchment strategy and will provide support and guidance throughout this difficult time. I will tailor the outplacement program to the needs of the staff member being retrenched and provide them with the outplacement assistance they need.

Exit Interviews

I can help you design and/or deliver your exit interviews. When a person is leaving they may be more inclined to speak openly and freely and can be a great source of information. You can find out how people feel about working for your company, if there are any problems and even get suggestions for improvement. It is also an opportunity to allow any disgruntled employee to vent their grievances, possibly salvage their attitude and find out how to prevent losing any other staff.

If you need some help or guidance with your business please give me a call for free initial 20 minute discussion.