Find out how I’ve helped others get the career they deserve:

Sandra is one of the best lateral thinkers I have come across. I approached her at the height of the GFC, when I had no industry related experience or qualifications, with the improbable task of securing a job in property. We devised a plan to circumvent the usual naysayers and access hidden opportunities. It required courage to execute, but with Sandra’s support and encouragement, I was able to overcome obstacles that normally would have deterred me. I really appreciated the opportunity to talk to Sandra, her insights and advice provided the clarity I needed and I felt more confident to tackle the challenges to secure the career I wanted.

Sarah Lingard, Assistant Property Manager

Whenever I’m about to consider major changes in my career or work-life balance, I wisely invest time in talking with Sandra. Sandra’s skill in career coaching helps me, through self-empowerment, to own problematic changes as opportunities – and not as threats. The result is a good kick in the pants that pushes you forward, while letting you learn from where you’ve been. That kick combines Sandra’s good sense of humour, irony, and caring for people, with great listening and insightful feedback. I would recommend Sandra to anybody that has a career that’s OK, on the surface, but were you’re searching for more, or faced with needing to change.

Rod Black, Business Consultant

The coaching Sandra provided me was important, and I don’t mean just receiving the final resume. It was the entire process, the phone conversations, e-mail consulting, the dedication and motivation. Undergoing the comprehensive questioning “dug out” things about me I was not aware of which enabled me to better understand myself and my career history and achievements. To my surprise, they helped me see that I had achieved more than I had remembered. With the help of the interview coaching I realised where I fitted in the market and valued myself appropriately and was then able to sell myself better.

Krishna Raghupathy, Banking

Absolutely Brilliant! Several years ago Sandra was able to guide me into a well suited role and industry that was perfectly aligned to my characteristics and interests. Prior to meeting Sandra, I was distracted and unclear of my career aspirations. I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone interested in a career change or advancement. Unlike other HR specialists, Sandra has a unique ability to question and then guide one into their chosen professional path.

Matthew Robards, Managing Director