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What does being over-qualified mean?

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When looking for jobs have you had this feedback?  Did you get upset and demotivated? Or want to prove them wrong and argue the point. Don’t waste your energy.

Rather focus your energy in a more productive direction.  Concentrate in applying for the right job, a job that best matches your level of experience.  But if you really do not know what it means here are some likely options that are […]

Be careful what you say in public places!

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You could be revealing confidential information and secrets without even knowing and causing problems for yourself or your company.

Cafes have become a new place of doing business but you never know who is listening and what secrets you are revealing. Also be careful when talking on public transport or on your mobile you may be intent on your conversation and not realise who could be listening.

I was reading this article about confidentiality and secrecy and […]