What does being over-qualified mean?

What does being over-qualified mean?

When looking for jobs have you had this feedback?  Did you get upset and demotivated? Or want to prove them wrong and argue the point. Don’t waste your energy.

Rather focus your energy in a more productive direction.  Concentrate in applying for the right job, a job that best matches your level of experience.  But if you really do not know what it means here are some likely options that are going through the recruiters mind.

  1. You really are overqualified for the position.
  2. You are more senior than the role requires.
  3. Your studies and qualifications are too high.
  4. You are too expensive.
  5. You have management skills and this role does not need it.
  6. Your experience demonstrates that you should be doing better; settling for less can be interpreted as you are really not that good.
  7. Your experience demonstrates that you should be in a higher position. So you are settling for less until something better comes along.
  8. You are more senior than the person you will be reporting to and therefore it could become an issue.
  9. They have certain criteria for that role and you are not matching them.
  10. They have such a wonderful response to their advert and have better choices.

There can be so many reasons why they are giving you this feedback and they may not have the time or inclination to respond especially if they have so many people applying for the same job. They are in a position to choose and they are going to choose the person that they think best suits the position .  They know what they are looking for but are not in a position to explain to all the people that apply.

Their role is to find the best investment for the company to look after their client or bosses best interest not yours.  This is what they are being paid for and are accountable for and they will opt for the safest option.  Whether they care or don’t care about you is not going to make it easier for them to reject you. It is not fun rejecting people therefore they will be looking for the simplest and less confronting way to do so.

You need to make it easier for them to do their job by applying for the job you are qualified for.  It’s no use getting upset or angry it is not going to help.  You need to make it easier for them to do their job, and that is apply for the right job, the job that best fits your experience, and make it easy for them to work it out, they see so many CV’s, so make sure they can see it easily and clearly, keep things short and sweet and to the point.

It is no use, changing your CV to match the job, if you are over qualified, the 10 above points explains what they are looking for and they will work it out.  So target the right job, put your energy in doing so, it will be better spent. Do your research, package and sell yourself in the best possible way, if you do not know how to do so, find someone that can, get career coach.

If you see a role, you are genuinely interested in for a good reason then apply and explain why, even though you are overqualified. Explain that you may seem overqualified for the role but you are interested in it for a particular reason and say what that reason are.  It better be a good one though, not just because you can’t find anything else.  But if that is the reason then say so , but make it good.  Tell them that you are happy to work in a lesser job because you particularly like their organisation, or you need certain skills, salary is not an issue for you, you enjoy working and they seem to be the right company for you, it needs to be a genuine to be convincing.

If you want to apply anyway then be smart about it and give it your best shot! Needless to say if you are overqualified, you know it and they know it.  If you still want to apply give it your best shot, make yourself memorable, and send a good CV that gives them a good picture and understanding of yourself.  Write a good email, keep it short and sweet, but make them remember you. Become a person, not just a piece of paper, try and get them to remember you, they may still not consider you for this role, but you may have made such an impression that they will remember you and if the position gets reconsidered and they have less options and are willing to take a risk they may reconsider. If nothing else they have you on record they know who you are and if another position comes along that you have the right qualifications and experience they will get in contact with you.

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