Leadership and management high on skills shortage

Leadership and management high on skills shortage

I read this article in a recruitment magazine according to LEAD they are surprised to see that Leadership and Management skills are high on the skills shortage list and it is of concern to organisations.

For those with leadership and management skills it is good to know your skills are in demand.  For those reaching management that do not have these skills it is a good opportunity to develop them.

While technical areas and trade skills are widely acknowledges as critical areas of skills shortage in Australian and New Zealand new data from the Leadership, Employment and Direction (LEAD) survey reveals that there is also a significant skills shortage in leadership and management. For the first time in 11 years history the survey has included skills shortage in its research.

From a list of 16 potential areas of skills storage, the LEAD survey place leader as second and management as sixth.

The top six skills shortages:

  1. Technical areas
  2. Leadership
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Operations
  5. Trade skills
  6. Management

Commenting on the data, LMA’s Chief Executive, Andrew Henderson said “We were surprised to see leadership and management skills so high on the list of shortages.  It is of a great concern because their skills are essential for the management of an organisation’s broad skill set.

“Leaders and managers need to take concrete action to improve their own skills through formal training and mentoring, and be willing to take on new ideas and new thinking as it relates to their leadership and management approaches”, he said.

“But equally important is the identification of and investment in leaders and managers of the future within their organisations.  If today’s leaders and managers aren’t spotting and developing tomorrow’s leaders and managers, organisations will suffer a double impact from the apparent skills shortage through their lack of strategic thinking”, said Henderson.

For those reaching management roles or are in management roles, it is good to know that your skills are in demand and needed.  For those who know that they have good skills in this area it is very good news.  But for those who do not, you should be looking at developing them, especially management skill

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