Everyone should have a Career Check up

Everyone should have a Career Check up

Everyone should have a career check-up to ensure that their career is on the right track!

Going for career coaching and advice should be like going to the doctors for a check-up, not because you are sick but as a preventative measure. You need to have a check-up to find out if your career is in good health, and if there are any problems, catch them early before they become serious.

Should there be any issues that are worrying you, get help and advice early on how to deal with them. You can start looking at ways in improving your skills, your interactions and relationships and be proactive on how to improve your career options.

Don’t wait until you become unhappy or lose your job, talk to a career coach even when things seem to be fine. When you start discussing your career with an expert it helps even by just talking about it.  You can then find out what your career options are, discuss your goals and aspirations and look at ways to proactively put steps in place for you to achieve your short and long term career goals.

Unfortunately, most people seek career coaching and advice when it is too late and then it can be more difficult. They may have already lost or left their job and are finding it challenging in securing a new one. When you are in this situation you are already at a disadvantage. This can also take its toll on your confidence especially if you are a successful person accustomed to being in demand. You may go from a person that was approached for jobs to now having to apply for jobs and not even getting a response or are being rejected. You may not even realise that you are starting to lose some confidence – you are putting on a brave face and acting confident but this confidence cannot be faked – it comes from being in demand.

This is why you should look for a job when you are in a job because it won’t really matter if you don’t get it, it will be like a meeting that did not go as well as you thought, it will be a bit of a disappointment but no big deal. The expression – “it was not the right job for you anyway” – will be plausible and palatable. But if you are at home waiting for that job, having bills to pay even if – “it is not the right job for you” – you will still want it – and you won’t care if it is not right.

If you take the wrong job your career will suffer – you may not like it and become unhappy and it is hard to do a job well when you are not happy. You will be nervous to complain to anyone as you are the new kid on the block.  You won’t want to leave as it was hard to get in the first place and you are also worried about how it will look on your CV.

As you can see taking care of your career is very important so please talk to a career coach get their help and advice and be proactive in looking after yourself and your career.

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