Being retrenched can be a gift if you use it wisely

Being retrenched can be a gift if you use it wisely

Losing your job can be very stressful and disappointing but it can also be a gift. It can be an opportunity to start afresh and find that new job that will be just right for you.

Losing your job can be awful but it can also be a gift. It can be an opportunity to start afresh, take stock of what you want to do with your career, implement any necessary changes and when you are ready to start looking for your new job, you will be able to do so with some clarity of what you want and what you have to offer so you can find a job that is just right for you.

If you have been retrenched there may be some money coming to you, use it well.  Give yourself some down time to take stock of what you want to do with your life and career.  If you need a bit of a break and rest, take it, but not for too long.

There may be some residual feelings that is causing you anger and pain get it out of your systems, but do not dwell on it for too long. Do some self-examination and reflection and try and learn some things about yourself, this is an opportunity to reshape your career, which fits in with your skills and lifestyle.  It is good to know what you want and are good at so you can get a job that suites you and will make you happy.

Take some time out to do some things that make you feel good, to stay positive and uplifted. Have some fun, do things that you enjoy and have not had time to do.  Explore some hobbies, get out and about, catch-up with family and friends.

There may be a reason why you lost your job, changes that needed to be made, now that it has been forced on you, use the opportunity wisely.  Be objective and reflect on how you have approached your work, how you did things, how you interacted with people, what has your attitude been like?  Can you see any things that you could have done better?  That you could have reacted too differently?

If you feel that you have made some mistakes, own them, don’t be overly critical with yourself, but learn and move on. Find out if there has been a common thread to situations:  things that just tend to happen, that would go wrong.  Are there things that you feel you would like to change, especially if they have been causing you problems?  It would best to be aware of these problems and change some bad habit or the problems will just follow you to your next job.

When you start looking for a new job, do so with clarity, know what you want from your new job, and what you have to offer. Be smart and strategic about it.  Tackle the job searching as an important project, try and remain objective and try and not to take things personally even though it is about you.  Be disciplined and determined, build an action plan and give yourself things to do every day, so you can be proactive and by keeping busy remain positive and motivated.

You may also need to be realistic, you can’t always get all the things you want, but give it a good go.  Find out what are the skills that make you unique, what you are good at and passionate about. Also become aware of the things that you are not so good at, see if you can try and change them and if you can’t, avoid putting yourself in the same situation again.

Try not to be worried if things don’t go the way you would like, look at it as a learning process and adjust your approach and expectations.  Do not give up, if you have a down day, take a step back find ways to reenergised and start again.  This is an opportunity to be in control of your career and what you would like to do in your next job so tackle it with confidence, determination and vigour.

If you feel that you don’t know where to start, or are overwhelmed by what you need to do or just need some guidance and direction give me a call for a free 20 minutes assessment and I can help you to work out a plan to get your career back on track.

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