If you are not happy in your job do something about it

If you are not happy in your job do something about it

Stop burying your head in the sand if you are not happy in your job do something about it!

Achieving success is not all always what it is cut out to be. It can be very disappointing when you have worked hard to get where you are and now it is no longer making you happy! But you need to stop burying your head in the sand and do something about it!

If you are feeling stuck and in a rut, bogged down with more responsibility, problems and expectations and it is getting you down you must not ignore how you feel as it will not go away and it will just get worse.  If you are too comfortable in your job and you are no longer finding it challenging it may be time for a change. The way you feel is not only  affecting you but the people around you and it will have repercussions.

You can start by looking for ways to be challenged, to improve yourself, your attitude and behaviour. If you want to move on, do it with clarity of what you want and then put your efforts in making it happen. If you do not know what that is, speak to someone than can help you work it out.  Also get to the bottom of what your issues are it is not always what you think it is and some honest feedback will help.

You may find that you need to make some changes in your attitude, approach, habits and behaviour and you will need help in doing so. Making changes to yourself is not necessarily easy and comfortable and it would be best to try to work through these changes in your current job. It is a familiar environment so you will be able test the new improved you and notice how the changes are affecting things and not bring your behavioral baggage with you to a new job.

It will be more difficult to try to make these changes in a new job as you will be under pressure to make a good impression and prove yourself. When changing jobs make sure you are ready and prepared, be clear in what you want and then find out how and where you can get it. Start updating your CV and online profile, put some feelers out to see what is available and start doing some networking and job searching.

The job you want may not necessary be readily available so it is best to look while you have a job so if it is not happening it won’t feel like such a big deal. Also there will be less pressure to need to get a job quickly and you can be more confident a relaxed in interviews, putting you in a better position to negotiate and get what you want.

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