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“I am passionate about encouraging people to take better care of their working life be it in their career or business. I have seen the negative repercussions of it not been done and it is frustrating as it could have easily been avoided with the right guidance. I have tried to come up with a way to overcome this by providing a service that is easily accessible and cost effective to encourage people to get the advice they need.”

Sandra Vega, Managing Director

My Mission

My mission is to encourage people to be more proactive about HR and career related matters. I have found that people are not always comfortable with asking for help about their careers or do not know who they can turn to and business owner do not pay enough attention to HR and the people dynamics of their business. I have tried to come up with a way to encourage people to at least be able have a confidential discussion with an objective HR expert to get the advice they need before it becomes a real problem and if they then need further help provide it in a tailored, practical and cost effective way.

My Background

My HR consulting career began in South Africa where I recruited in the corporate sector and when I came to Australia I worked in management with two of the larger multinational recruitment firms. Whilst I enjoyed the challenge of management, it took me away from what I do best, which is working directly with clients and providing them with the HR consulting, coaching and advice they need. So I started my own business over 15 years ago where I have been able to put my passion for helping people and my HR skills to good use. I have found that due to my diverse background and experience both as a consultant and employer I can empathise and understand what my clients are going through to be able to help them to obtain the best outcome and solutions for themselves or their businesses. My HR consulting experience includes career coaching, executive and management coaching, dealing with change and business transformation, recruitment, retention, performance management and outplacement services.

My Approach

I believe in being direct and honest with people to help them realise what their real issues are and give them the advice and feedback they need in an empathetic and practical way. I have a unique and creative approach of thinking outside the square that help businesses and individuals explore their full potential. Having grown up, lived and worked in different countries I can also bring a cross-cultural understanding of people and this works well in solving individual and group dynamic issues.

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