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If you are not happy in your job do something about it

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Stop burying your head in the sand if you are not happy in your job do something about it!

Achieving success is not all always what it is cut out to be. It can be very disappointing when you have worked hard to get where you are and now it is no longer making you happy! But you need to stop burying your head in the sand and do something about it!

If you […]

Being retrenched can be a gift if you use it wisely

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Losing your job can be very stressful and disappointing but it can also be a gift. It can be an opportunity to start afresh and find that new job that will be just right for you.

Losing your job can be awful but it can also be a gift. It can be an opportunity to start afresh, take stock of what you want to do with your career, implement any necessary […]

Everyone should have a Career Check up

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Everyone should have a career check-up to ensure that their career is on the right track!

Going for career coaching and advice should be like going to the doctors for a check-up, not because you are sick but as a preventative measure. You need to have a check-up to find out if your career is in good health, and if there are any problems, catch them early before they become serious.

Should there be […]

Are you being overlooked for promotions?

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Are you being overlooked for promotions and wondering why?  If you are reaching a management role and do not have the best management skills I would advise you to get some coaching and training.

As you are too senior for your current role and lack the management skills for that next role, your career is in a precarious position.  Your employer cannot promote you as you do not have the management […]

Leadership and management high on skills shortage

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I read this article in a recruitment magazine according to LEAD they are surprised to see that Leadership and Management skills are high on the skills shortage list and it is of concern to organisations.

For those with leadership and management skills it is good to know your skills are in demand.  For those reaching management that do not have these skills it is a good opportunity to develop them.

While technical […]

Take it from Steve Jobs – Losing your job could be the best thing…

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Losing your job could be the best thing that happens to you it just depends on what you do about it.  Take some lessons and inspiration from one of the world most brilliant and successful individuals – Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs had a knack of seeing and creating opportunities for himself no matter the circumstance. This is what he said when he got fired from Apple. “I had been rejected, but I […]

What does being over-qualified mean?

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When looking for jobs have you had this feedback?  Did you get upset and demotivated? Or want to prove them wrong and argue the point. Don’t waste your energy.

Rather focus your energy in a more productive direction.  Concentrate in applying for the right job, a job that best matches your level of experience.  But if you really do not know what it means here are some likely options that are […]

Be careful what you say in public places!

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You could be revealing confidential information and secrets without even knowing and causing problems for yourself or your company.

Cafes have become a new place of doing business but you never know who is listening and what secrets you are revealing. Also be careful when talking on public transport or on your mobile you may be intent on your conversation and not realise who could be listening.

I was reading this article about confidentiality and secrecy and […]