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A quick solution can be just a phone call away! Investing time and money in your professional life, be it your career or business, can bring the most successful outcomes, professionally, financially and personally.

It does not have to be a long drawn complicated process.  It can be as simple as a phone call where you discuss in complete confidence your concerns about your career with an HR expert who is experienced and objective.  For more in-depth career coaching  a tailored and personalised program can be developed or you can just purchase hours to be used when needed.  Career coaching or ongoing advice can be in person, over the phone and online.

Coaching Fees

Career coaching hours can be purchased via EFT, over the phone or at our office. Packages are outlined below:

20 minutes

Immediate advice when needed – $60

Phone coaching and advice on any HR related, career or business issue.

1 hour

Can be used anytime within 1 month – $180

The 60 minutes can be used over the phone, in person or online, for research, strategy, review and preparation of documentation.

3 hours

Can be used anytime within 3 months – $450

The 180 minutes can be used over the phone, in person or online, for research, strategy, review and preparation of documentation.

5 hours

Can be used anytime within 6 months – $600

The 300 minutes can be used over the phone, in person or online, for research, strategy, review and preparation of documentation.

Payment Terms

Our Standard HR Consulting and Coaching fees are $180 per hour.  Consulting services and coaching times will need to be booked in advance and a minimum of 20 minutes will need to be booked.

Time spent will be calculated on a pro rata basis of $180 per hour or at the discount rate if you have pre-purchased a discounted package.

Any time spent on calls, meetings, research, planning, reviewing or writing will be logged accordingly and will be rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.

Coaching fees are required to be paid before sessions commence.

Non-attendance for a booked session without a minimum of one (1) days’ notice will be considered a session as per time booked.

The client is responsible for his or her own development, achievement and success.

Need to talk?

Call me for a free initial 20 minute coaching session on any career or HR related matter.
Phone 1 300 031 125 or get in touch below to set up a time.

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