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Is your career moving in the right direction? Do you need help in moving forward after having left your job? Is your performance reviews achieving the results you deserve? Are you no longer happy in your job? How are you coping with changes and the ups and downs of management?

Here are some areas that I could help in dealing with these questions:

Coaching and Mentoring Businesses

I work with owners of small business to assist with implementing business direction and strategy. Be an external sounding board to brainstorm ideas and provide insights and solutions to any people related or HR issue. I coach the business leaders, managers and their staff with dealing with any management or HR related matter, work through any conflict or communication issue, and assist with recruiting and building the right team.

Career Direction and Advice

If you are no longer enjoying your job and you don’t know why you may need some advice to determine what is the most suitable career direction for you and how to go about getting the job you want. Get advice to ensure you make the right decisions and choices and overcome any obstacles that is getting in the way of your career. Get help in exploring new opportunities such as promotional opportunities and job offers both locally and internationally.

Career Development

I can help you understand and work through any career development issues, help you understand what management want you to achieve, decipher what they are really saying in your assessment so you can achieve the results they are expecting. I provide practical advice and guidance to help you improve your work performance, communication and relationships so you can get the recognition you deserve.

Job Searching

If your job searching is not achieving results I can help you find out why. It could be how you approach job searching, where you are looking and if it is the right job for you. It could also be how you are coming across in your applications and if your online profile, CV and correspondence are representing and selling you in the best possible way. Also help you with how to communicate and get the best outcomes out of recruiters, HR and future employers.


Not getting job offers especially after a number of interviews? You may need help in finding out why. You may unknowingly be doing or saying something discouraging or just not representing yourself in the best possible way. You may need help in being better prepared for interviews so you can feel more relaxed and confident. I can provide you with feedback on how you perform in interviews and if necessary train you in ways to better communicate and represent yourself.

Networking and Marketing

Not all job opportunities are available via the usual channels such as through advertisements, recruiters, company websites and online networks. You may need a more targeted approach and create opportunities for yourself by building networks and marketing directly to companies. I can assist you to explore your unique skills, qualities and selling points, how to research and target companies directly and how to approach them.

Mid-Career Coaching

Are you no longer enjoying your job or where you are working? Is your role no longer challenging and rewarding? Are you bored and demotivated? Feelings like this will ultimately affect your attitude, work performance and career prospects. I can help you realise what it is that is making you feel this way and what changes you could make to improve things. If it is time to make a move I can help you to be better prepared and assist with your career transition.

Executive Coaching

The higher up the corporate ladder you are, the more competitive it becomes and you need to be ready and well positioned for the right move. I can help you make the right choices and ensure that they are right for your lifestyle, personal goals and career objectives. Also optimise your online profile and networks to be approached for opportunities and when they come your way help you negotiate the best career options and package.

Management Coaching

I can help you become more aware as to what is getting in the way of you being a better manager. Help you work through any personality traits that are getting in the way and where necessary improve your management skills including delegation, conflict resolution, managing staff, improving your communications and relationships with management, staff, colleagues and clients.

Dealing With Being Retrenched

This is a very difficult time for you and it can be made easier by having an outsider help you deal with it all. Help you remain confident, focussed and positive whilst coping with the financial, emotional and personal repercussions of being retrenched.  It would be even better if you could contact me when you see the signs of a possible retrenchments, I can help you negotiate the best outcomes in your retrenchment payout, including timelines and outplacement services, buying you the needed time to decide on what you want to do next to get the right job.  

If you are unsure of what area of coaching you may need help with please give me a call for a free 20 minute discussion.

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