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Lauren Fine

Sandra’s dedication to her clients goes beyond the business world and her complete overview of any transformation or change gives it a perspective like none I have ever seen. Working with Sandra is like having your best friend always watching your back. She ensured all interaction was personal yet professional and has a unique way of opening your mind to a balance of activities. Sandra plays many roles in her interactions with you – a friend, mentor, councillor, recruiter, adviser and disciplinarian!

Lauren Fine, Banking Executive, Botswana

Richard Lingard

Sandra was a huge help as an advisor and career coach. She has an in depth knowledge of how the corporate world and how specific industries operate. More importantly, she demonstrated an intuitive understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and the obstacles I would have to navigate to achieve my goals. It was her understanding of me as a person that allowed her to provide relevant advice in a constructive and easy to digest fashion. I would strongly recommend Sandra to anyone seeking career advice, regardless of what stage they are at in their career.

Richard Lingard, Property Advisory

Ingrid von Sury

After being retrenched I needed help to get back into the workforce and Sandra became my coach, mentor and friend. Sandra was diligent and resourceful in seeking solutions to my job seeking problems. She is a good listener, she listens to YOUR needs and what can make YOU successful and has a host of resources at her fingertips based on her years of experience that you know you can trust. Sandra uses her head and her heart to come up with innovative solutions and even though at times it felt alarming it was just what I needed.

Ingrid von Sury, Executive Assistant, Switzerland

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